Artist Vitaly Gubarev, (Protvino). Gallery

Бородино 28х50см

“Borodino”  Etching. (28 x 50 cm)


Зима в Волковском 29x23см

“Winter in Volkovskoye”  Etching. (23 x 29 cm)


Свежий снег 30x37см

“Fresh snow”  Etching. (30 x 37 cm)



“Snow-white winter”  Etching. (30 x 38 cm)


Последний полет 30х37см

“The last flight”  Etching. (30 x 37 cm)



“The frost. Zvenigorod”  Etching. (20 x 27cm)



“Serpukhov”  Etching. (30 x 37 cm)






    • Mirta Hamilton
    • December 10th, 2014

    Nice etchings. Appreciate the attention to detail and mood the landscapes express.

    Mirta Hamilton

    • Marilyn Larsen
    • January 5th, 2015

    I love Vitaly Gubarev’s work.
    Where can I see some of it in the United States? How can I purchase his work? Where can I find a book or literature about him and his work? Where is he?

  1. Dear Marilyn,
    Unfortunately, Vitaly Gubarev is currently not exhibiting in the United States. He lives in Russia and his representative is in Paris, France. Any of the etchings displayed on the “Russian Art & Paris” website, as well as in his personal website (“Artist’s website” above), are available for purchase. For further information or any assistance about purchasing a specific work please contact the journal “Russian Art & Paris” at any time.

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